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GEZE - Door Systems and Safety Technology

When it comes to cutting-edge door systems and safety technology, GEZE is the name you can trust. They offer a wide range of innovative products designed to enhance functionality, convenience, and security for your doors. With our extensive selection, you can find the perfect solutions to meet your specific needs. Discover the benefits of GEZE and revolutionize the way you interact with doors.

They have an impressive selection of products including overhead door closers, floor springs, and sliding door systems. All of their products are tested extensively by GEZE as well as independent external testing bodies both in Germany and in the UK.

GEZE Door Closer Range - Seamlessly Close Doors with Precision

Say goodbye to slamming doors and welcome the convenience of GEZE door closers. Their integrated door closers and overhead options ensure smooth and controlled door closing for both single and double door applications.

With their exceptional performance and reliability, their door closers guarantee a hassle-free door closing experience, providing you with peace of mind and increased safety. Overhead door closers are available with guide rails, like the TS5000, or the standard scissor arms, such as the TS4000EFS.

GEZE Floor Springs: Effortless Movement and Stability

Experience the perfect balance between ease of use and stability with GEZE floor springs. Designed to offer smooth door movement, this range of floor springs ensure optimal functionality for heavy doors.

Whether you have residential or commercial spaces, the range of floor springs provides excellent performance, ensuring doors open and close effortlessly. Single and double action accessory packs are sold separately to the mechanisms.

GEZE floor spring closers are available with either fixed or variable power sizes. Some models have hold open functions, with different hold open angles. Floor springs are perfect for use on heavy doors, with a maximum leaf weight of 300kg, with lead widths up to 1400mm wide.

Concealed Door Closers - Functionality and Aesthetics

Experience the pinnacle of door closers with GEZE concealed door closers. These innovative closers offer a seamless and elegant solution for your doors, combining functionality and aesthetics in perfect harmony.

With their concealed design, the Boxer closers remain hidden within the door, providing a clean and unobtrusive appearance. The Boxer is available in a standard version for either single swing or double swing doors, plus an electromagnetic version suitable for use on fire doors up to 130kg and 1100mm wide.

Say goodbye to bulky and visible door closers and embrace the sleek and sophisticated look that concealed closers bring to your space. Enjoy the convenience of controlled door closing without compromising on style. Elevate the visual appeal of your doors with GEZE concealed door closers and experience the perfect blend of form and function.

Automatic Door Systems

Embrace the future of door technology with GEZE's automatic door systems. They manufacture automatic door systems for swing doors, sliding doors, and also revolving doors. All of these offer convenient, ease of access combined with high performance and eye-catching design.

Experience the ultimate in ease of use as their auto door systems open and close effortlessly, making your entranceways more inviting and accessible than ever before. They are the perfect choice when considering accessibility and fire safety.

Window Solutions

GEZE have earned a reputation in the industry as one of the most innovative design leaders. As an independently run family company, they have been influencing engineering within our industry for many years and have been at the centre of innovation of the technology.

They are one of the world's top manufacturers and developers of constructive systems for window and door safety technology. They offer a huge range of products including door control technology, glass systems, automated door closers as well as window and door ventilation systems.

Elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your windows with GEZE's state-of-the-art solutions. Their opening and locking window drives assist with smoke and heat extraction, and their ventilation control units aid natural ventilation.

Experience GEZE Today and Transform Your Space

Ready to take your doors to the next level? Explore GEZE's extensive range of door systems and safety technology. Whether you're looking for door soft closers, floor springs, automatic door systems, or window solutions, they have the perfect products to meet your needs.

Discover the innovative features, exceptional performance, and stylish designs that have made GEZE a global leader in the industry. Their products can be found across a wealth of sectors including:

  • Healthcare
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Public buildings
  • Office spaces
  • Private residences
  • Sports facilities
  • Historic buildings
  • Education facilities
  • Retail and shopping centres

Take the first step toward enhanced door systems and safety technology. Browse our collection from GEZE and transform your space today. Experience the perfect blend of innovation, convenience, and security.

GEZE TS500N EN 3 Cam Action Floor Spring c/w Backcheck - Mechanism Only

Code: DCG500N

The GEZE TS500N EN 3 Cam Action Floor Spring is a universal floor spring and comes complete with backcheck.  It is non-hold open and available as single action or double action (accessories sold separately). It offers adjustable closing speed and is suitable for 30 minute fire door applications when used with intumescent. This product is the mechanism only.

£117.70 VAT excl

GEZE TS5000E EN 2-6 Electromagnetic Hold Open Slide Arm Door Closer Silver

Code: TS5000E

The GEZE TS5000E EN 2-6 Electromagnetic Hold Open Slide Arm Door Closer is a surface mounted door closer with an electromagnetic hold open guide rail arm suitable for doors up to 1400mm. The hold open can be adjusted between 80° and 130°. The closing force, Power Size EN 2-6, closing speed, the end stop and the back check are adjustable.

£286.00 VAT excl

GEZE TS5000 EN 2 - 6 Slide Arm Door Closer Silver

Code: TS5000

The GEZE TS5000 EN 2 - 6 Slide Arm Door Closer is a very heavy duty, surface mounted rack and pinion door closer with guide rail which is approved for use single action and for use on smoke and fire door. The closing force is a variable Power Size EN 2-6 and comes with adjustable closing speed, latching action and back check.

£179.20 VAT excl

GEZE TS3000ECBC EN 2-3 Slide Arm Door Closer Silver

Code: TS3000ECBC

The GEZE TS3000ECBC EN 2-3 Slide Arm Door Closer is a surface mounted rack & pinion, high efficiency overhead door closer with guide rail. It is approved for use with single-action and for use on smoke and fire doors. The closing force to EN1154 size EN 2-3 variable, closing speed, latching action & back check are adjustable. 

£99.80 VAT excl
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