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ABLOY | Security and Access Solutions

ABLOY pride themselves as being the UK’s top experts on high-quality door functionality and lock systems.

ABLOY produce and supply a huge range of door hardware, including electric locking systems, padlocks, cylinder locks, door operators and other products. ABLOY offer compliant, lasting and most-importantly secure locking systems that are trusted by organisations all across the UK, Ireland and the world. Spanning a variety of industries where compromise is never an option.

ABLOY also offer complete security solutions, spanning from initial surveys and fact-finding, to problem solving, assessments and planning through to specification.

ABLOY effeff 351M80 Electric Lock 12/24V DC - Monitored

Code: EL351M80

The ABLOY EFF EFF 351M80 Electric Lock is a fail-safe electric lock with a motorized bolt to be used on double or single acting swing doors. Suitable for concealed mounting in door leaf or door frame, it can also be mounted vertically or horizontally. It is monitored through a read switch with magnetic in the strike plate.

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