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ERA Everywhere | Certified Door & Window Solutions

Welcome to the realm of ERA Everywhere—where security meets innovation to bolster your door and window hardware offering. In a world where safety is paramount, their certified ironmongery solutions present a fortress of security with a flair of elegance for your living or workspace. Dive into our curated selection, and discover how ERA locks don’t just secure your premises, they enhance them.

Revolutionary Protection with ERA Security Solutions

  • Unyielding Security: ERA door locks are synonymous with resilience. Each turn of an ERA 5 lever lock is a steadfast guard against intrusions, giving you unrivalled protection day and night.
  • Sophisticated Design: Beyond robustness, ERA Everywhere embodies sophistication. Their locks and solutions add a touch of class to your doors and windows, seamlessly blending with your door hardware and window furniture.
  • Innovation at Your Fingertips: Era Everywhere integrates cutting-edge technology into your daily life. With locks crafted for ease and efficiency, step into the future of home security.

Tailored Solutions for Every Door and Window

Whether it’s the classic charm of a Victorian townhouse or the sleek lines of a modern studio, the ERA Everywhere collection offers the perfect fit for every architectural marvel.

  • ERA Mortice Lock: Precision-engineered for your peace of mind, the ERA mortice lock range is the cornerstone of door security, promising you a sanctuary of safety.
  • Customised Fit: No door is too unique for our ERA Everywhere range. Their hardware solutions ensure that every lock is the right lock for your home or business.
  • Insurance Rating: Models like the ERA 1830 and 1930 are BS rated rim nightlatches that conform to British Standard BS 3621:2007. Available in different sizes and finishes to tailor to your requirements.

Security, Style, and Smarts

ERA Everywhere isn’t just about locks; it’s about smart, secure, stylish solutions that redefine what it means to be safe.

  • Intelligent Features: From smart locks that offer remote access to alarms that alert you to potential dangers, ERA Everywhere puts control in your hands.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Their solutions complement your facility’s aesthetic, ensuring that security solutions enhance rather than detract from your home or office’s look.
  • Customer Service Excellence: When you choose ERA, you gain a partner in protection. Our customer service team is dedicated to providing you with support and advice to keep your space secure. So, contact us today if you have any questions about the ERA range or any other ironmongery or access control solutions.

Take the Next Step in Security with ERA Everywhere

With ERA Everywhere, you’re not just buying a lock, door handle, or window hinge; you’re investing in a promise—a vow to safeguard what’s valuable to you. Their door and window solutions stand at the ready to defend your premises. 

  • Transform your Threshold: Upgrade your entry points with ERA locks and join the ranks of those who don’t compromise on safety or style.
  • Seal your Windows with Certainty: Their window solutions don’t just lock; they fortify. With ERA, every window is a window to serenity, not vulnerability.
  • Invest in Peace of Mind: Choose ERA Everywhere and rest easy knowing you’ve chosen the pinnacle of protection.

Secure Your Space Today

Step into the ERA Everywhere experience and transform your property into a bastion of security. Explore their range, find your perfect fit, and feel the power of unparalleled protection. Don’t wait for safety—create it.

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