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Gate Access Control

Gate Access Control

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Gate Access Control - Enhancing External Security

Unmatched Security Solutions for Modern Needs

The modern world demands modern security measures. Dive into our range of gate access control solutions. They are meticulously crafted to meet the evolving demands of the UK's homeowners and businesses. 

From residential premises to corporate complexes, our range of access control entry system products provides a formidable line of defence. They seamlessly merge technology with design for your convenience and security.

Why Choose Gate Access Control?

  • Robust Security: With cutting-edge technology, our gate access control systems deter unauthorised entry, ensuring safety and peace of mind.
  • Tailored Solutions: We recognise that every premise is unique. Choose from an array of products that fit the specific needs of your property. Whether you are securing a car park, installing automatic gates to a private residence, or secure access gate systems to a commercial site, you’ll need the right product for the right job.
  • User-Friendly Interface: No need to be tech-savvy. Our access control gate hardware offers intuitive controls, making day-to-day operations a breeze. Install these products alongside an intercom system or proximity card readers for additional functionality and flexibility. 
  • Seamless Integration: Already have an existing security system? Our gate access control solutions can easily integrate, offering a cohesive security strategy. These essential components can be installed alongside existing gate hardware to give you ultimate control.

The Advantages of Our Offerings

1. Cost Efficiency: In the long run, investing in robust access control gate hardware can significantly reduce potential security breach costs. If you need a digital lock for a pedestrian gate, then look no further than the Borg BL4409 ECP in a marine grade black finish. Secure all external gates and doors with reliable, well-known branded door hardware for peace of mind.

2. Remote Access: Stay in control even from afar using remote controls. Monitor and manage your gate's access with the additional benefits of remote activation. 

3. Flexibility: These items of access control gate hardware are perfect for use in conjunction with electric locking elements such as the RGL EXML600 slimline mini external gate maglock which has a 280kg holding force. Or if you need a more heavy duty locking solution, the RGL EXML1200 external gate maglock which has a 545kg holding force and is IP67 rated. 

Trusted by Thousands Across the UK

Join the growing number of UK businesses that trust in gate access control systems for their external security needs. A blend of functionality and aesthetics, the range of quality products guarantees a reliable layer of security that stands up to potential threats, all the while complementing your property's appearance.

The range of press to exit buttons and emergency door releases are subtle and functional yet visible to users who may not be familiar with your facility. 

  • Gate access control includes the following external security barriers and systems:
  • Pedestrian perimeter gates - automated or manual access 
  • Vehicle access gates - sensors or remote control
  • Automated electric gates - automatic opening and closing 
  • Turnstiles, articulated arms, and security barriers
  • Intercom systems - video, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Proximity systems
  • Networked access control systems
  • Remote control and radio controlled equipment
  • Manually operated push button entry and exit
  • Swing, cantilever, and sliding gate hardware systems
  • Commercial and residential gate openers

Contact our sales team today for further information on the full range of gate access control that we can provide.

Your Next Step to Fortified Security

Elevate your property's security today. Take a look at our collection and discover why our access control gate solutions are the preferred choice for many. Prioritise peace of mind, prioritise safety. Let us be your partner in securing what's dear to you.

Browse our gate access control collection now and fortify your facility.

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Weatherproof External Gate Maglock Access Control Kit

Code: KIT12G

This Weatherproof External Gate Maglock Access Control Kit is a great solution for access controlled gates that are exposed to the elements. The kit is available in two versions - a standard kit and a kit with an IP67 Rated call point. These kits are not supplied with a keypad to give you the freedom to customise your requirements.

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