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Tubular Latches

Tubular Latches

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Tubular Latches: The Heart of Every Door

When it comes to ensuring a door functions with precision and style, tubular latches stand out as the unsung heroes. These essential door components might seem simple in design, but their impact on the overall functionality and aesthetic of a door is undeniable.

The Benefits of Quality Tubular Latches

  • Enhanced Durability: Crafted with meticulous care, our range of tubular latches boasts unmatched durability. Their robust construction ensures they withstand the test of time, offering reliable performance for years.
  • Ease of Installation: Designed with both the professional and DIY enthusiast in mind, these latches are straightforward to fit. Clear instructions and quality components mean fewer hitches and faster installations. Models are reversible and supplied in different lengths.
  • Versatility: Our selection caters to a variety of door types, styles and door hardware. Whether you're revamping a modern apartment or restoring a period property, we have the perfect tubular latch for you.
  • Sleek Aesthetics: Beyond functionality, these latches are crafted to enhance the door's appearance. Their sleek design ensures they seamlessly integrate, complementing rather than detracting from your door's look, and are available in a range of finishes to suit your property. 

Why Tubular Latches Matter 

Every door needs a reliable mechanism that allows it to be opened and closed with ease. Tubular latches play this pivotal role, ensuring doors latch smoothly and without hassle. When you choose quality door latches, you're not just making a purchase; you're making an investment in the safety, security, and style of your property.

An effective tubular latch will hold the door shut in the closed position. They can be operated by a door handle or knob and the sprung latch should return the lever handle to the horizontal position after operation.

Our range of door locks and latches suit external and interior doors. Tubular mortice latches have different spring strengths and configurations depending on what door furniture they’re being used with. Separate springing is available in some door handles but it is mostly down to the choice of door latch.

Heavy sprung tubular latches should be paired with lighter furniture so they’re not too stiff to operate. The heavy action spring in the latch is an excellent choice for light lever door handles. A double sprung latch is highly recommended for use with door knobs, as it allows the door knobs to turn either way to retract the latch bolt.

A Range Tailored for Every Need 

Understanding the diverse needs of our customers, our collection offers an array of sizes, finishes, and designs. Whether you're seeking a door latch for a heavy-duty external door or a subtle internal one, our range has been curated to meet and exceed expectations. We also have tubular deadbolts with strike plates in both brass and stainless steel, which are for use with bathroom thumbturn releases. 

Experience the Difference with Our Selection 

With a firm commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, our tubular latches are more than just door components. They are symbols of excellence, reflecting our dedication to offering only the best to our valued customers.

Some of our range are CE marked as suitable for use on fire doors. Make sure you install these fire rated door latches with a suitable intumescent kit, offering full protection across your built environment.

Discover Your Perfect Fit Today

Elevate your door's functionality and style with our range of tubular mortice latches. Explore our collection and find the ideal door latch that not only meets but elevates your facility's standards. With our commitment to excellence and vast selection, we're confident you'll find the perfect fit.

Ready to Transform Your Doors? 

Dive into our extensive range of tubular latches and door locks, and discover the perfect match for your doors. With each purchase, you're ensuring a smoother, more secure door experience. So, don't wait. Upgrade your doors with our top-notch latches today and experience the difference in quality and performance. If you have any queries, contact our sales team today who can help with product and installation questions.

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