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Rebate Kits

Rebate Kits

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Seamless Functionality with 5 Lever Lock Rebate Kits

In the world of double doors, a seamless close is a feat of precision engineering. Designed meticulously for the seamless closing of double doors, our collection of rebate kits offers unmatched quality and reliability

Optimised Performance for Double Doors 

Our rebate kits are not just components; they're the cornerstone of door functionality. Crafted for the specific demands of rebated doors, these kits enable smooth and effortless operation. With a 5 lever lock rebate kit from our range, you’ll experience a new level of door performance.

Enhanced Security with 5 Lever Lock Rebate Kits 

Security is paramount, and with our sashlock and deadlock rebate kit selection, it’s uncompromised. Engineered to integrate seamlessly with your existing door lock, these rebate sets offer peace of mind, fortifying your space against intrusions with an added layer of protection. 

Precision Engineering for Every Door 

The anatomy of a door is complex, but our rebate kit range simplifies installation. Tailored to fit 13mm or half-inch rebated door styles, our kits come with all the necessary components to ensure a perfect fit and flawless operation. 

Key Benefits of a Rebate Kit for Double Doors:

  • Ensure smooth and consistent door operation.
  • Elevate door security with robust components.
  • Tailored fit for 13mm rebated double doors.
  • Durable materials for longevity and resilience.
  • Easy to install, transforming doors with minimal effort.

Suitability Across Venues 

Whether it's a bustling office environment, a tranquil home space, or a high-traffic commercial setting, our rebate kits are versatile. They adapt, they fit, and they endure. Locks for rebated doors need to be as flexible as they are secure, and our kits are curated to meet the highest standards of both.

Installation Made Effortless 

We understand the value of time, which is why our rebate kits are designed for ease of installation. You won't need to dedicate hours or seek professional help; our kits are the epitome of 'do it yourself', with clear instructions and a straightforward assembly that transforms your doors in moments.

Simply select the right brand of rebate, then the model-specific kit. There are separate rebate kits to suit 5 lever deadlocks and 5 lever sashlocks. Also, make sure to select the matching finish for your lockcase and door hardware.

Explore Our Range Today 

Dive into our selection from well-known brands like Union Locks, and find the perfect rebate kit to meet your needs. Each kit is a step towards perfecting door performance and security.

Your doors are more than just entry points; they are an integral part of your daily life. Enhance their functionality and security with our 5 lever lock rebate kits. Browse our selection, find your fit, and take the first step towards upgrading your double doors. Choose precision, choose security, choose excellence — choose our door locks and security products today.

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