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Scrigno | Sliding, Swing & Pocket Door Systems

Scrigno are a long-established manufacturer of counter frames for pocket door and sliding doors, operating throughout Europe for over thirty years. Their high-performance sliding door solutions are made in Italy and subject to stringent testing of their load resistance, impact resistance and fire resistance. They also supply swinging and sliding glass doors, plus their Essential range of swinging doors that have no edge trims, fitting seamlessly into a wall-door system.

The Scrignokit and S Tech pocket door gear is a versatile product range for an aesthetically appealing, minimalist door installation solution. Select from single door or double door applications, with or without jambs and with the option to have white or unfinished. Scrigno pocket door kits are designed to be easy to install for plasterboard walls, with no need for screw fixing. It is a quick kit to assemble with a snap-together system. Choose from metric and imperial sizing, there is even a kit available for an FD30 half hour rated single fire door.

The Scrigno pocket sliding door gear systems are complimented by accessories including a dynamic auto closer, slow damper unit and simultaneous operators for pairs of pocket doors. The slow damper unit and automatic self-closing kit are also available to suit the FD30 fire door pocket door kit. This added functionality makes these pocket doors ideal for a residential setting, where space saving can be at the forefront of room design and layout, whilst allowing for a visually pleasing, discreet finish to a room. Pocket doors are also a great solution for accessibility, having wider door openings, with pairs of doors that have a synchronised opening function, operated by flush pull handles rather than traditional doorknobs or lever door handles.

Scrigno S Tech FD30 Dinamico Automatic Self Closing Kit

Code: SC90200

The Scrigno S Tech FD30 Dinamico Automatic Self Closing Kit must be used with the Scrigno S Tech FD30 Single Door Sliding Pocket Door Gear System to maintain the FD30 (30 minute) fire rating of the door and system. It automatically closes the door after opening to ensure complete compartmentation of the room/building and ensures compliance with UK fire door regulations.

£120.00 VAT excl

Scrigno S Tech Double Sliding Pocket Door System With Jambs

Code: SC11003-UN

The Scrigno S Tech Double Sliding Pocket Door System With Jambs is a pocket sliding door gear system for a double door application. A preassembled unit - it saves installation time and space as the doors withdraw into the pockets. It is perfect for living areas, en-suites, compartmentation of offices and cloakrooms.

This is the pocket door kit only, a door is not included.

£599.00 VAT excl

Scrigno Kit Single Sliding Pocket Door System

Code: SC37901

The Scrigno Kit Single Sliding Pocket Door System is a 7 piece sliding pocket door gear kit with jambs for plasterboard walls. It is easy to assemble and used to compartmentalise areas in buildings. It has small overall dimensions and is functional as a conventional door frame.

This is the pocket door kit only, a door is not included.

£169.00 VAT excl
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