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Rutland UK

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Discover the Excellence of Door Control: Rutland UK Door Closers

Rutland UK -  where the fusion of functionality and safety are paramount. Their door controls range stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the industry. Rutland door closers are more than basic items of door hardware. They are integral components that ensure your doors operate with efficiency and safety. 

With an unwavering commitment to quality and durability, Rutland products are designed to enhance your facility's safety, security, and aesthetic appeal. Explore closers that are UKCA marked, CE marked, and Certifire approved. Functions include backcheck delayed action, and adjustable power sizes.

Why Choose Rutland?

  • Precision Engineering for Unmatched Performance: Each Rutland door closer is a masterpiece of engineering, ensuring your doors close smoothly and securely every time. Whether it's managing high-traffic spaces or external elements, Rutland's resilience is unarguable.
  • Aesthetic Integration: With their wide range of finishes, functionality does not compromise visual appeal. The collection includes the Rutland overhead door closer and Rutland concealed door closers. Both are designed to blend seamlessly with your design scheme, maintaining the integrity of your vision.
  • Innovative Solutions for Every Need: From heavy-duty doors to bespoke design challenges, the Rutland range offers solutions for every built environment. Rutland closers are adaptable, ensuring that whether you're outfitting a modern office or a historical building, they’ve got you covered.

Explore the Rutland Range

  • Rutland UK Door Controls: The backbone of any facility, these door closers ensure safety and reliability without compromise. Experience durability, compliance, and efficiency.
  • Rutland Overhead Door Closers: Elevate your door's functionality with an overhead controlled closing solution. Perfect for high-traffic areas, they're designed to be both powerful and discreet. Semi-radiused covers take the harsh edge off the overhead door closer body. With models for universal fitting - push, pull, and transom mounting - there is a unit for every door.
  • Rutland Concealed Door Closers: For those seeking a blend of performance and aesthetics, concealed door closers offer the ultimate in discreet door control. They're the hidden gems of door hardware, providing strength and durability in equal measure. Rutland floor springs are also available for special order so contact the team today with your requirements.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Enhanced Safety and Security: Rutland closers contribute to a safer environment by ensuring doors close properly every time. Overhead or concealed models eliminate the risk of open doors that can compromise security. Access control systems are only effective if doors close after each use, so a door closer is a key component of your physical security measures.
  • Energy Efficiency: By ensuring doors close securely, Rutland closers help maintain your building's thermal efficiency, contributing to energy savings and comfort. Whether it’s keeping heat contained during colder months, preventing draughts, or maximising air conditioning, door closers are a beneficial, easy addition to energy saving measures.
  • Accessibility and Compliance: This range is designed with inclusivity in mind, facilitating access for everyone and ensuring compliance with relevant standards and regulations. Cam action door closers have a greater degree of efficiency when compared to rack and pinion door closers. Look for models with opening forces in line with the requirements of BS 8300 for accessibility compliant closers.

Your Journey Begins Here

Elevate your facility with the functionality and efficiency of Rutland door controls. Explore the range of Rutland door controls, featuring overhead door closers and concealed door closers. Discover the perfect blend of form and function for your needs. Let Rutland transform your doors, enhancing the safety, efficiency, and aesthetic of your built environment.

Dive into the world of Rutland and experience the safety and functionality of door control technology. Explore their fire door products today and step into a space where quality meets reliability. Ensure your doors are always correctly installed, with reliable hardware, and regularly maintained.

Unlock the full potential of your doors with Rutland – where excellence is just a closer away.

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