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Concealed Overhead Door Closers

Concealed Overhead Door Closers

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Overhead Concealed Door Closers - Form and Function

Welcome to our selection of concealed overhead door closers, designed to revolutionize your door closing experience. Whether you're an architect, business owner, or facility manager, these concealed door closers combine security, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. 

With their innovative design and reliable functionality, our overhead concealed door closers are the perfect solution for any space.

Concealed Overhead Door Closers: Enhance Security and Aesthetic Appeal

Streamlined Security:

Our concealed overhead door closers prioritize security without compromising on style. These sophisticated closers are concealed within the door frame or head of the door. This keeps the mechanism out of sight and out of reach. 

By eliminating the need for bulky surface-mounted closers, you can maintain a sleek appearance while ensuring the utmost protection for your premises.

Seamless Functionality:

Unlock the power of effortless door control with our concealed overhead closers. With their advanced engineering, these closers provide smooth and controlled closing of doors. Minimizing noise, preventing slamming, and reducing wear and tear are just some of their benefits. 

This range of concealed door closers has a variable power size and also adjustable closing speed. This allows for ultimate control of your closing, tailoring the action of each door to the specific area and its users.

Say goodbye to doors that swing open or shut unexpectedly. Our concealed closers ensure a controlled and consistent closing motion, promoting safety and convenience in high-traffic areas.  Electromagnetic hold open function allows fire doors to be compliantly held open, automatically releasing when the fire alarm is triggered.

If you need emag hold open but can’t install a concealed overhead closer, consider a surface mounted overhead door closer. Floor springs also offer this function if you have heavy, high-use doors. 

Uncompromising Design:

We believe that functionality should never overshadow aesthetics. That's why our concealed overhead door closers are designed to blend with your design aesthetics. 

Whether you have contemporary, minimalist interiors or traditional, timeless rooms, our closers offer a discreet and refined solution. Enjoy the perfect balance of form and function with our visually discreet range of concealed closers.

Versatile Applications:

From commercial spaces to public buildings, our concealed overhead door closers are adaptable to a wide variety of applications. Enhance the security of your office buildings, hotels, or retail spaces, ensuring controlled access while maintaining a refined appearance. 

With their versatile nature, these closers are suitable for both new installations and retrofit projects. These concealed units include fire door closers like the Dorma ITS96. With electromagnetic hold open, this CE marked hidden door closer is suitable for fire rated doors up to 130kg.

When considering fitting an overhead concealed door closer be sure to consider the thickness of the door leaf. Doors will usually need to be a minimum of 40mm thick to house the closer body. With fire rated doors, this would need to be 44mm for some models.

If you need a hidden door closer for single and double action internal doors, the Geze Boxer has you covered. When fitted, it is completely hidden, has backcheck function, and suits doors up to 1100mm wide.

Why Choose Our Concealed Overhead Door Closers:

  • Unparalleled security: Keep your premises secure and protected with door closers that are hidden from sight to deter unauthorized access.
  • Smooth and controlled closing: Experience doors that close smoothly, quietly, and reliably, enhancing safety and convenience.
  • Aesthetic integration: Maintain the visual integrity of your space with closers that seamlessly blend with your surroundings.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various applications, from commercial buildings to residential properties.
  • Fire Rating: Models are available with a fire rating of 60 minutes, tested to BS EN 1154

Start browsing now and take the first step towards securing your doors with our exceptional concealed overhead door closers. If you can’t install an overhead concealed closer and would prefer a jamb mounted closer, consider the original Perko range from Samuel Heath. The R100 Powermatic is CE and UKCA marked. It can be used on fire rated doors and is available in four different finishes from stock.

Shop with confidence and elevate your door control experience today.

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GEZE Boxer EN 2-4 Concealed Electromagnetic Hold Open Door Closer

Code: BX24ES

The GEZE Boxer EN 2-4 Concealed Electromagnetic Hold Open Door Closer is an integrated concealed door closer complete with electromagnetic hold open facility. It is CE Marked and Certifire Approved CF 242 when used with the applicable intumescent materials (included). It comes with variable Power Size EN 2-4 and adjustable closing speed, latching action and backcheck.

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