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Vanquish Hardware Protection

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Vanquish Hardware Protection - Fire Protection Products

Elevate the safety and protection of your fire door hardware with Vanquish Hardware Protection. As a company, they specialize in producing cutting-edge intumescent fire protection products that redefine the standards of fire safety. 

Vanquish provides you with exceptional solutions that ensure the utmost levels of safety and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Vanquish Hardware - Protection for Door Hardware: Unyielding Safety for Every Application

At Vanquish, they understand that the safety of your facility and its users is of paramount importance. That's why we have curated a range of intumescent fire stopping products that surpass expectations, delivering uncompromising defense against fire. 

Explore their extraordinary FlexiFire and Fire Protectors range to discover how Vanquish Hardware Protection can safeguard your doors, mitigating the devastating impact of fire.

Unleashing the Benefits of Vanquish Hardware Passive Fire Protection

Advanced Intumescent Technology

Vanquish intumescent products are meticulously engineered from a variety of intumescent materials. Each responds rapidly when exposed to high levels of heat, expanding to form a dense protective barrier. This life-saving technology effectively seals gaps, preventing the spread of fire, smoke, and harmful gases. 

With Vanquish Hardware's passive fire protection products, you can trust that your ironmongery and fire door hardware will withstand the test of flames. When exposed to extreme heat, 180°C or more, the FlexiFire range of graphite intumescent products will expand from 6-20 times its original volume, depending on the grade of material.

Whether it is the HP, HS, or HE grade, their expansion rates will all effectively plug any gaps around the door hardware when exposed to heat, regardless of the fire rating of your door. 

The German-manufactured Fire Protectors range is produced from mono-ammonium phosphate rather than graphite, so it is white in appearance, rather than the black of graphite. This has a twin temperature threshold that triggers the two-phase foaming process. The low-temperature responses start when exposed to heat of 150°C, and the higher temperature surge at 300°C. 

The Fire Protectors range is the perfect choice for door hardware or doors with a large aperture, joint, or cavity. The high-foaming factor and 3D foam expansion fill these gaps effectively and efficiently. 

Customized Solutions for Every Requirement

We understand that every application has unique demands. That's why Vanquish offers a comprehensive range of products designed to cater to diverse door hardware products. 

Whether you need intumescent solutions for hinges, locks, door handles, or other items of ironmongery, we have you covered. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your specific needs are met with precision.

Vanquish also provides a bespoke design service to cater to any unique requirements for hardware protection. The intumescent kits are then produced in-house to your exact requirements. Contact our sales team for more information.

Easy Installation, Enhanced Safety

Vanquish Hardware Protection prioritizes user convenience without compromising on safety. Their products are designed for straightforward installation, ensuring that you can quickly and efficiently protect your door hardware against fire risks. 

Experience ease of use combined with unmatched protection, empowering you to enhance the safety of your facility. The range of intumescent products is also aesthetically pleasing as they’re completely hidden from sight when fitted, so they don’t detract from the overall appearance of the door and hardware. 

Trusted Fire Safety Compliance

Vanquish Hardware Protection products meet stringent industry standards and regulations, ensuring that your doors are equipped with reliable fire safety solutions. They have third party accreditation through International Fire Consultants Ltd (IFC).

Their commitment to quality and compliance guarantees that you can confidently rely on the range of products to protect lives and property, providing you with invaluable peace of mind.

Secure Your Doors with Vanquish Hardware Protection

Ready to take the safety of your door hardware to the next level? Explore our comprehensive range of Vanquish Hardware Protection products and discover the perfect defense against fire incidents. With Vanquish, you can trust in exceptional quality and unmatched performance. Don't wait—fortify your fire door hardware now and experience the peace of mind you deserve!

Remember, the safety of your property and those within it should never be compromised. Vanquish Hardware Protection equips your doors with the necessary tools to combat the devastating impact of fire, ensuring that your buildings' users and valuable assets are safeguarded. Embrace the unparalleled defense offered by Vanquish and make the choice to prioritize safety today.

Explore Vanquish Hardware Protection now and embark on a journey where your doors remain protected against fire risks, empowering you to protect what matters most. Vanquish sets the standard for excellence in fire safety, providing you with the confidence to face any fire incident head-on. Install Vanquish intumescent products on your doors today and experience the pinnacle of protection.

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