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Access Control Accessories & Relays

Access Control Accessories & Relays

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Essential Components for Comprehensive Access Control

Every sophisticated access control system demands supplementary components to perform at its peak. This section offers those crucial additions, presenting a comprehensive range of products that seamlessly integrate into your existing systems.

Delve into our collection of relays and accessories, a realm where precision meets functionality. This category is designed to cater to those seeking additional sundry items for their access control needs.

  • Access Control Relays: At the heart of any system lies the relay, acting as a crucial link between input and output devices. Our relays ensure efficient, secure, and swift communication, perfect for those looking to optimise their system. There are fire and timer relays plus voltage reducing and regulating modules.
  • Cable Door Loops: A vital, yet often overlooked component, the door loop ensures continuous connectivity. Designed for durability and crafted for extended wear and tear, our selection stands apart. With various options available from silver to stainless steel, surface or concealed, we have the right product for your door.
  • Keyswitches: Offering precise control, keyswitches are integral for secure and manual activation of various systems. Select from momentary or maintained. 
  • Transmitters: Transmitters ensure seamless wireless communication, bridging devices effortlessly for optimal performance. There are universal models available for 12-24V AC/DC plus a single channel transmitter with a 250m range. 
  • Access Control Accessories: Beyond the usual critical components, discover an assortment of keys, timers, and more. Each item is detailed, from dimensions to IP ratings and function. Whether it is a reset key for ‘in case of emergency break glass’ units, or the Vanderbilt V42 keypad, we’ve got the accessory for you. 

Efficiency and Simplicity Combined

Site environments, particularly the more intricate ones, demand reliable transmitters and receivers. This is where our selection truly shines. Designed for both simplicity and efficiency, our range ensures that even in the most complicated of sites, communication between devices remains seamless. Imagine the ease of a pre-wired transmitter merging effortlessly with a switching device, which then syncs with a receiver. The result? Flawless wireless applications for gates, barriers, and doors.

Access Control Accessories: The Finishing Touch

Access control systems are as strong as their weakest component. Our accessories make sure that each piece adds strength to your system. With our meticulously chosen products, from cable door loops to key switches, ensure that your access control solutions are not just complete, but also unbeatable in reliability and efficiency.

Ensure your physical door security systems have all of the crucial components needed for a safe and effective access control solution:

To make selecting ironmongery straightforward we’ve curated our own access control kits. Select a kit for single or double doors, internal or external application, and 12V or 24V DC. 

Dive Deeper into Our Collection

The world of access control is vast and intricate, but with our collection of relays and accessories, every solution is within reach. Explore. Discover. Optimise. Equip your systems with the best, ensuring a blend of security and efficiency.

Ready to redefine your access control system? Browse through our category, select the perfect components, and elevate your setup to new heights. 

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