Briton 2130B.TE Electromagnetic Hold Open Slide Arm Door Closer Silver

Briton 2130B.TE Electromagnetic Hold Open Slide Arm Door Closer Silver

The Briton 2130B.TE is a 24V DC electromagnetic hold open slide arm door closer. It is power adjustable size 3-4 and is suitable for Figure 1 (Pull Side) and Figure 61 (Transom mounted) door applications.

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The Briton 2130B.TE is a variation of the 2130B.T and has an electromagnet in the slide track. It is designed to hold the door open during normal use and is connected to the building fire alarm or smoke detection system. On sounding the fire alarm, or in the event of power failure, the Briton 2130B.TE electromagnet is deactivated and the door closes in the normal controlled manner.

The 2130B.TE offers many benefits over a standard mechanical door control used with a separate electromagnetic holding unit. Installation time and overall costs are reduced, it is less susceptible to accidental or malicious damage and it also ensures the door is free from the twisting forces which can render a fire door invalid if a closer and separate electromagnet are poorly installed. The Briton 2130B.TE avoids the need for intrusive, ugly bracketry associated with separate electromagnets, especially where there is no reveal wall, also makes the integrated unit visually more attractive.

Voltage24V DC

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