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Overhead Door Closers

An overhead door closer is a surface mounted door closer, fitted to the head of a door and can be available in either a slide arm or scissor arm configuration. They ensure that a door closes after every use for a variety of reasons; such as to help limit the spread of fire throughout a building, ensure that the security of a door is maintained, aid the acoustic properties of a building and so on. These types of mechanical door closers are found in many different areas such as offices, classrooms, commercial kitchens and leisure centre facilities. 

Usually, an overhead door closer is used on a fire door to ensure that the door closes by itself after it has been opened so if there was a fire, the door would be closed to prevent fire and smoke moving too quickly throughout a building. This is known as compartmentalising a building and our range includes overhead door closers, in both slide arm and scissor arm configurations, that are Certifire approved for use on fire doors and carry the CE mark. Overhead door closers installed on a fire door must be no less than a power size 3 to be fully compliant with UK Fire Door Regulations. We supply a selection of light dutymedium duty or heavy duty door closers - the bigger the power size, the more heavy duty it is - if you’re unsure which one you need, take a look at our blog Selecting the Right Door Closer.

Most overhead door closers have adjustment screws that control the closing speed and the latching speed. The closing speed affects how slowly or quickly a door closes, whilst the latching speed controls the final degree of the door closing. Our high quality door closers are manufactured by top brands such as Briton, DormaArrow and Geze

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  • Duty Classification: Heavy Duty

GEZE TS4000 EN 1-6 & EN 5-7 Door Closer Silver

Code: DCG4000

The GEZE TS4000 EN 1-6 & EN 5-7 Door Closer is a very heavy duty overhead door closer; approved for use with left and right single-action doors with leaf widths up to 1400mm and for mounting on fire and smoke protection doors. The closing speed (1-6) and latching action are adjustable and it comes with back check and delayed action.

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