NEW RANGE! Borg Mechanical Digital Locks

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NEW RANGE! Borg Mechanical Digital Locks

Door Controls Direct are excited to announce that we have added a new range of Borg Mechanical Digital Locks to our website!

What’s so great about them?

Anti-thrust latches – Borg Locks are supplied with Anti-thrust latches that offer a higher level of security and prevent the latch being forced back under duress.

Our selection of Borg Locks incorporate 'Easicode Pro' Functionality. This means that changing the code of the lock has never been easier!

The code can be changed by inserting a code change key (supplied with each Easicode Pro Borg Lock), into the hole in the * button. The existing code is then cleared from the lock and a new code can be set. 

Helpful Tip: Always check that the code is working and that the latchbolt retracts before closing the door.


Where can I install them?

Borg Locks are often found in many different facilities including; schools, hospitals, leisure, care homes, commercial shops and office locations. 

If the Borg Lock you select has 'Free Passage Mode', then it is ideal for installation in corridor locations or areas where the latchbolt might need to be retracted for a longer period of time, allowing people or a large amount of traffic to pass through the door. You may wish to install it on a door where entry is required throughout the day but have peace of mind for when an additional level of security is required during the night. 

Borg Locks can be installed on a variety of door types including; wooden, composite and steel. Some are suitable for internal applications, whilst others are good for sheltered external locations. Always check the product description or give us a call if you’d like any assistance. 

Where can I see the range? 

Right Here!

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