Touch Free Entry/Exit Solutions To Enhance Building Hygiene

Posted on: 18.08.2020
Touch free exit buttons and fire door retainer

There's great value to be found in reducing shared contact points within any high footfall building. Most will agree that especially since the arrival of Covid-19 – establishing great hygiene practices has never been so high on our collective agendas. After all, studies have shown that the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for several days. While our awareness may have increased, it is well worth noting that going contactless has always been a noble cause. Such a small intervention can truly make a big difference!

Whether within an office building, school, hospital, or any other shared space, reducing touch points can help to keep people healthy, happy, and productive. Viral illnesses of any kind can spread quickly in the absence of effective wellness interventions. Embracing touch free solutions can reduce the risk of absenteeism and healthcare costs, while giving everyone the peace of mind that their well-being is safeguarded. Here, we will explore how contaminated surfaces at entry and exit points can be removed from the equation. This is a transformation that is as simple as it is affordable, as soon as you know how!

Make Contactless Access The New Status Quo

If your building has lots of people coming and going, you can make sure that your doorways are not a risk-point when it comes to hygiene. Adding a touch free button to any door can make exit and entry easy, without the need for physical contact. These types of proximity sensors allow convenient hands-free operation, and are even available with a dual emergency release function, should it be required. The sensor can be adjusted, to suit any unique space, reflecting the way people move through and use it. Illumination makes the sensor instantly appealing and easy to identify.

These days, many premises are encouraging the use of disinfectant hand gels and expanding the scope of their professional cleaning practices. However, as we all go about doing what we do best, over the course of a busy day, there is always a margin for human error. Contactless technology can work in harmony with other hygiene practices to reduce the possibility of a spread of infection.

Add Proximity Facility To Your Keypad Entry Points

Keypads are hugely popular for secure entry points; however they can serve as an opportune surface from which contamination might spread. Opting for a keypad that also incorporates a proximity sensor is an ideal solution. Those who use such entryways can be assigned a unique key fob. This will activate the proximity sensor, without the need for contact. Using their entry code will remain an option, but with fob in hand, the need to touch the keypad will be negated. Our selection of access keypads includes several contactless options, for any scale of building. Whether you need five people to be able to access a secure area, or 500 people, the solution is at hand – or rather hands-free, we might say!

Meet Fire Safety Standards Without The Need For Contact

Just as hygiene is an important concern within the management of any building, so too is fire safety. Fire doors are always an important element within fire safety design and compliance. They might be imagined as an unavoidable contact point when it comes to moving through the building. However, thanks to innovation in fire door mechanism design, these two priorities do not have to conflict with each other! Our fire door retainers allow such doors to be held open in a safe and legal manner, for day-to-day accessibility.

These simple-to-use devices are completely wireless and created to work in conjunction with any fire alarm system. The retainer will hold the door open at any angle desired, and automatically release it should the fire alarm sound. For absolute convenience, each fire door retainer requires only five minutes to install!

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