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Power Supplies & Batteries

At Door Controls Direct we hold all your power supply requirements, including both 12v and 24v CE approved DC power supply units (PSUs) in 1, 2, 3 & 5 amp versions. These power supplies are regulated which means that the output voltage is smooth, consistent and stable. It also means that products have protection from damage through voltage surges. There is enough room inside these power supplies to house a maintenance-free rechargeable battery (if battery backup is required). We stock a range of batteries by Yuasa; for 24V DC power supply units, you will require two 12V DC batteries.

We also offer 24V DC, 12 and 4 amp Transformer Rectifiers which are the best power supply to use with electromagnetic door holders/retainers and electromagnetic door closers as these types of products do not require battery backup. These are also regulated and safe.

Regulated power supplies (our range incorporates Switchmode technology) should be used with any electromagnetic door closer, access control kit or CCTV system to avoid product damage through voltage surges. 

Replacement power supplies for our major brand sales, which include Dorma and Briton; who supply electromagnetic door closers and hold open magnets – are also held in stock.

For more information on how to work out what power supply you require, as well as a guide to cabling, take a look at our blog: Power Supplies (PSUs) In Access Control. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.

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