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Access Keypads

Within this category are internal and external digital access keypad options. This includes – surface mounting, backlit keypads, access keypads with anti-vandal casing, door monitoring and 12v or 24v options. We have in stock basic digital keypads as well as keypads which are suitable for both internal and external use with an IP67 rating. For completely weatherproof keypads, we also have some that are IP68 rated. Access Control keypads are a fantastic way of restricting access to certain areas of buildings or entire properties.

They are a great alternative to a mechanical digital lock or a proximity reader. Some access control digital keypads are narrow style which is ideal for mounting on narrow posts and some can be used on external gates. You can even get keypads with a built in proximity reader for more access options. Keypads vary in size, user capacity and suitability of application, so select a product to find out more information about each particular keypad. Our brands include ACTVanderbilt (Bewator), RGL and Paxton.

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