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Access Cards & Fobs

Access control cards and fobs work with appropriate access control systems (proximity readers and access keypads with proximity functionality) by acting as a form of key that either allows or denies entry through a door. Most access control cards are the size of a credit card and both fobs and cards can be programmed to allow entry to specific users. You can also programme them to deny entry to certain areas so that you have full control over access across your building. If access control cards or fobs are ever lost or security may be compromised, shadow cards can wipe the user from the system to ensure safety and security. 

Some access control systems provide a small number of cards or fobs to use but make sure to order additional Access cards & fobs for your access control system if required. The number of users permitted on the system is dictated by the capabilities of the access control keypad or proximity reader, so be sure to check product descriptions for specific details. 

Access Control cards and fobs are not a “one size fits all” type of product and can be very specific. Most access control cards are white but they can all have very specific functions and can usually work on a specific type of system. There are several types of proximity cards and there are also smart cards. Smart cards are very different from proximity cards as they can read and write data which allows them to be used in a wider range of applications. All cards and fobs in stock are proximity cards. Key fob packs for manufacturers such as ACT and Paxton, and proximity Access card packs for systems such as Switch2 and Compact are available within this section of Door Controls Direct. If you are in any doubt about the type of access control card or fob that you require, please contact our expert team who will be able to identify the right product for you. If you cannot see what you are looking for, please also ask us, as we may be able to source it for you from one of our suppliers

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