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Door Hinges

Door Hinges

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Door Hinges: Essential, Durable, and Versatile

Embark on a journey into the world of door hinges, where functionality meets finesse. Our collection, from the basic butt hinges to the specialized types, ensures your doors open and close with ease.

The Anatomy of Hinges: Beyond a Simple Pivot

At the heart of every side hung door's movement lies a hinge or pivot. A standard door hinge is comprised of two leaves joined in the centre by a knuckle. The hinge leaves are usually even in size and joined with five knuckles. This is a common type of hinge often referred to as a butt hinge.

Overall size, bearings, material, and finish can all vary but the job they perform is the same. Hinges bear the weight of the door, holding it securely to the door frame at the hinge stile. The lock stile of the door opens and closes, pivoting from the hinges.

Hinges can allow doors to open to 180° but the opening can be restricted by the frame, a door closer, or surrounding objects. Pivot hinges and floor springs also bear the weight of a side hung door and allow it to easily open and close. They are fixed to the top and bottom of a door leaf, not vertically up one edge like standard hinges for doors. 

Choosing Your Hinge: A Customized Approach

Selecting the right hinge for your type of door is crucial. Whether it's for interior or exterior doors, a lightweight boarded door, a heavy duty timber fire door, or a decorative cabinet, each requires a specific type of hinge. Our collection includes everything from ball bearing hinges for smooth operation to heavy duty hi-load hinges from well known brands such as Royde and Tucker.

Ensure the hinge you select can accommodate the weight of the door leaf, plus any door hardware. The width of the door affects the forces on the leaf, as does having a door closer fitted. The weight rating of hinges often refers to the adjusted door weight, which allows for these external forces. As an example, a door closer with backcheck function can add up to 75% to the adjusted door weight. 

It is typical to hang a full size commercial door on 3no hinges. Internal residential doors can be hung with 2no hinges, weight allowing. However, all fire rated doors should be hung on a minimum of 3no CE marked butt hinges. 

It is always best to check any fire test evidence to ensure the correct quantity of hinges are installed in the tested positions. They should be installed with intumescent ironmongery protection as per the test evidence too. 

When replacing a hinge like for like remember to measure the hinge fully open for a perfect fit. The overall height, width, thickness, and knuckle diameter are the four key measurements to check when retrofitting door hinges in your facility.

Our Diverse Range: Tailored for Every Door

  • Fire Door Hinges: These hinges are crucial for the compliance and functionality of fire-rated doors, ensuring functionality in emergency situations. Look out for CE marking and relevant test evidence.
  • Ball Bearing Hinges: Ideal for heavy doors, offering a smooth and durable operation. Typically installed in commercial environments with high footfall such as schools, hospitals, and hotels. 
  • Washered Butt Hinges: The perfect choice for interior, residential doors. Washered hinges have a much slimmer knuckle than ball bearing hinges so are less aesthetically intrusive. 
  • Plain Bearing Hinges: For lightweight doors as there is a plain bearing surface between the hinge knuckles e.g. no washer or ball bearing race.
  • Parliament Hinges: These allow doors to project past architraves, skirtings, or wall projections, useful when a door needs to be opened wider. This could be patio doors, or in a corridor in a care home or college.
  • Heavy Duty Hinges: Whether ball bearing or hi-load thrust bearings, install heavy duty hinges to heavy doors, or doors with high use, or high chance of misuse.
  • Internal Door Hinges: Whether it is bathroom door hinges, kitchen, bedrooms, or wardrobes, there are light pattern hinges available with finishes to match your door hardware.

We also stock a range of window hinges and gate hinges so contact our team today if you can’t see what you need. Our hinges are sold as single units to allow easy purchase of spare single hinges, or a pair and a half of fire door hinges. Exceptions include window friction hinges but this will be clearly noted.

The Importance of the Right Hinge

Hinges may be small, but their role in the functionality of a door is immense. From the smooth opening and closing to ensuring the door's alignment and security, the right hinge is pivotal.

Once you’ve established the type you need, the next choice is the finish. Our collection includes:

  • Stainless steel hinges - polished and satin, grade 304 and marine grade 316.
  • Brass hinges - brass based or brass plated on steel, polished and self colour.
  • Chrome door hinges - satin or polished chrome on a variety of base metals.
  • Special finishes - Black door hinges, pewter, bronze, beeswaxed iron - pretty much any finish you need, we can source so get in touch today.

Your Guide to Door Hinge Types

Discover the perfect hinge for your wooden doors, gates, cabinets, and cupboards. Our range, from the sturdy piano hinge and concealed hinges, to offset hinges for special applications, has everything you need. Our team is here to guide you through the selection process.

Step into the world of high-quality door hinges at Door Controls Direct. Whether you're looking for a hinge for a light interior door or a robust solution for heavy doors, you'll find it here. Visit us in branch, email, or call 01305 263300 for expert advice. Your doors deserve the best; let us help you find the right hinge.

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ARRONE AR8187 Grade 13 Ball Bearing Fire Door Hinges

Code: HB1568SS

The ARRONE AR8187 Grade 13 Ball Bearing Fire Door Hinges are high performance, low friction ball-bearing hinges. They are BS EN 1935: 2002 Grade 13, fire-rated, and suitable for a maximum adjusted door weight of up to 120kg. 

Select either square or radiused corners.

Hinges are sold as singles, not pairs, complete with fixings.

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