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Electric Locking

Electric Locking

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Electric door locks are an essential part of an access control system and we supply a range of valuable solutions for securing the doors in your building. When combined with proximity readers or keypads these systems result in improved control of access to your building. Door Controls Direct offers systems to suit every budget and work with you to meet your particular security requirements; including the most extensive range of locks, bolts and strikes. We partner with the leading suppliers and manufacturers, such as Adams RiteAlpro and Assa Abloy to provide electronic security devices available in 12V or 24V in both AC and DC.


Maglocks are a very common and popular electric locking product. They are very easy to install and often surface mounted. There are a range of maglocks available with a variety of holding forces and are great for low security applications. Some, like the Adams Rite MS Maglock (ELMSMAG) offer greater security than others and these have hardened steel mandibles that clamp onto the armature plate should forced entry be attempted. All maglocks operate as “Fail Safe” units.

Electric Strikes

Electric Strikes are an alternative to a maglock. You might choose an electric strike over a maglock for aesthetic reasons, but you might also choose one if you would rather that the door was “Fail Locked/Fail Secure” when power is cut. A lot of electric strikes offer both options and it’s a simple case of moving a screw in the body of the strike to change the operation. We supply a variety of 12V DC and 24V AC/DC strikes that can be morticed or rim mounted (product dependent). Some are heavier duty than others, so it’s really important that you consider the amount of traffic that will be passing through the door.

Solenoid Bolts

Solenoid Bolts are a great product to use on aluminium doors where a high level of security is required. A sensor on the unit detects when the door and lock are in alignment and throws the bolt which secures the door. When power is removed, the bolt retracts and allows for safe exit through the door. The bolts can be installed either vertically or horizontally in the door frame which is generally easier to get power to than if it were installed in the door itself.

Solenoid Locks

Solenoid Locks offer an even greater level of security than a solenoid bolt as the solenoid engages with the handle to control access. When enabled, the solenoid engages within the handle, allowing the handle to operate the latch and open the door.

Motor Locks

Motor Locks function in the opposite way to a solenoid lock. The deadbolt is already engaged in the door frame but when a fob is presented to the reader or a code is entered on the door keypad; the motor in the lock retracts the deadbolt, generally providing a higher level of security.

Shear Locks

Electromagnetic shear locks are similar to maglocks but are generally higher security as they have a physical locking element to them as well. There are integral contact sensors within the lock and armature plate and when these are about 3mm from each other, they pull together and create a “shear” locking force. They are ideal for use on double swing doors.

A pin in the centre of the lock prevents any slide movement and there is also an “Anti-Residual Button” located on the armature plate.

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Alpro AL110 ANSI High Security Mortice Electric Strike - 12/24V DC

Code: ESAL110S

The Alpro AL110 ANSI High Security Mortice Electric Strike is an ANSI style electric strike complete with a stainless steel short or long face plate for use in metal or timber door applications. This AL110 electric strike is 12/24v selectable, weather resistant and has a holding force of 1,750kg (3,860lbs). It is reversible fail-safe and fail-secure.

£147.00 VAT excl

Alpro EB250 High Security Electric Bolt - 12/24V DC - Monitored

Code: ELEB250

The Alpro EB250 High Security Electric Bolt - 12/24V DC - Monitored solenoid bolt operates at 12/24V DC and allows for both remote access and exit control of most timber, metal and UPVC doors. It is also suitable for sliding or swing, single or double action operations. It can be fitted in the frame or in the door. With concealed mortise mounting and slim line styling the bolt suits most narrow stile aluminium doors and narrow profile joinery.

£332.00 VAT excl

Alpro DB25 High Security Slimline Deadlocking Bolt - 12/24V DC

Code: ELDB25

The Alpro DB25 High Security Slimline Deadlocking Bolt - 12/24V DC is high security and operates at 12/24V DC. This Ultra-slim design enables fixing into very narrow sections whilst an advanced microprocessor module provides power reduction allowing for continuous operation without heat generation as well as automatic voltage regulation, dual monitoring and access control module.

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