Briton 996 Electromagnetic Hold Open/Swing Free Door Closer

Briton 996 Electromagnetic Hold Open/Swing Free Door Closer

The Briton 996 electromagnetic hold open/swing free door closer is designed to be connected to a buildings fire alarm system and will close the door in the event of a fire to prevent the fire from spreading. 

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Briton 996 Electromagnetic Hold Open/Swing Free Door Closer

The Briton 996 Series is a range of closers with an integrated electromagnetic hold open mechanism. Each unit can be set to either ‘hold-open’ or ‘swingfree’ operation. In either case, the spring closing function of the closer can be temporarily disabled to allow free passage. When de-activated via a connection to the building fire alarm or smoke detection system, the electromagnet disengages and the door closer closes the door in the normal manner to maintain fire safety.

  • Available in two model types:

Figure 1/61 – For pull side mounting/transom mounting
Figure 66 – Push Side Mounting

  • Available in three fixed power sizes: EN3, EN4 & EN5
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Adjustable latching action
  • Can be set to either Hold Open mode or Swing Free mode.

Hold Open – Held rigidly open until pulled close or electromagnetically released.
Swing Free – Acts as though there is no closer on the door for assisted opening, however, it will close in the event of a fire (if linked to fire alarm).  Please note that when used in this mode, the Briton 996 damping action is ineffective and the door will slam in draughty conditions.


Very good product

Very good product, we use it in a care home setting, we have tried cheaper ones but they are too stiff to open.
And this company has a great customer service, very helpful and polite. Awesome.

    Shop owner reply (Aug 29, 2017):
    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for taking the time to review the 996 and us! We're happy to help.


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