Selecting the Right Mechanical Digital Combination Lock for commercial buildings

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When it comes to choosing the right type of combination lock for a commercial property there are a number of points facilities managers and building owners should consider to ensure the lock will provide the level of security required and be fit for purpose. This quick guide discusses the main factors you should consider when selecting a mechanical digital lock for your door. 

Level of Security required?

In multi-occupancy commercial buildings that may have rental or multi-use spaces fitting a keyless lock to access doors or gates ensures that there is no risk of users losing keys. 

Lower security areas such as Store doors may require a simple keypad and latch to secure them such as the cost effective Arrone AR195 in satin chrome. 

Doors to areas with a higher security requirement would be better suited to a mechanical digital lock with anti-tamper lockout function and the ability to override with a key such as the Kaba E2031 E-Plex.

Volume and Frequency of Traffic?

Consideration to the level of traffic a door is likely to have is a must when selecting a mechanical digital lock, in instances where very high footfall is likely the use of electronic hardwired keypads such as the ACT10; in conjunction with a magnetic lock or electric strike would be the most durable option,

For heavy use and medium use doors a lever operated mechanical digital lock such as the Kaba Simplex L1031 with passage function will provide a good level of durability and give facilities managers the option to leave the door in passage mode allowing free access for all users if required. 

Where low use is expected mechanical digital locks such as the Arrone AR195 are a cost effective and easy to fit option that will provide reliable use for doors such as cupboards or store rooms.

Selecting the Right Mechanical Digital Combination Lock for commercial buildings - Handy Guide

Fitting to a fire control or fire escape door?

Do you need to have code access to a fire control or fire escape door? 

Options of mechanical digital lock are available for use on fire escape doors with Panic Hardware, in this instance it is imperative that the mechanical digital lock has been fully tested with the panic hardware it is to be fitted with. 

The Briton 9260 is a mechanical digital outside access device (OAD) which is suitable for use with many of the Briton range of panic hardware, allowing for single action egress internally whilst providing easy code access externally. 

If fitting a mechanical digital lock to a fire control door the fitting of an intumescent kit is imperative. There are a number of manufacturers who offer intumescent fire kits such as to be used with selected digital locks when fitting to 30 minute and 60 minute fire rated doors.

Internal or External application?

Digital locks are not just suitable for internal store rooms or office doors. Certain combination locks can be fitted both internally and externally. It is always best practice to fit digital locks in a sheltered area or have the keypad covered with a rain shield to prolong the life of the product. 

Frequency of Code Change?

 If fitting a digital lock to a door in a secure area or to a door with many different users, the code may need to be changed on a regular basis to retain required levels of security. In multi-occupancy buildings or businesses which have frequent visitors, it is ideal to change the code on a daily, weekly or monthly basis; so selecting a product that offers code change without removing the digital lock from the door is a real bonus, the Codelocks CL610 includes a quick code system allowing a code change within seconds.

Will key override be required?

Key override can be a requirement for commercial properties where multiple code changes are made and the facilities manager requires constant access year around. A key override can also be useful should there be any problem with the mechanical operation of the keypad.

The Kaba Simplex L1021 is a very versatile lock as it allows for code entry as standard and has a key override function. This unit can be supplied with or without a cylinder core allowing a master keying option. 

Lever handle or knob operation?

If a door is in a low traffic area such a store door, then a digital lock such as the KABA Simplex LD450 can be fitted, which is operated by a knob and is suitable for light to medium duty use. 

Lever handles are generally accepted as easier to operate than a knob so should always be considered for doors with a higher volume of expected traffic.

Will security be required to one side of both sides of the door?

Mechanical digital locks can be supplied with a keypad to one side of the door or both sides should there be a requirement to control access in both directions. This is known as a back-to-back digital lock and are available from us upon request. 

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