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Important fire protection for your door hardware

Our selection of products includes cold smoke and intumescent seals. They come in a variety of finishes, styles and lengths and are suitable for both FD30S Half hour and FD60S hour rated fire control doors. We also supply professional standard intumescent protection for lock cases, digital locks, hinges and other door closing devices. So if you are refurbishing or fitting from new make sure to check the fire rating of the doors and fit the appropriate intumescent seals and protection for both door and other ironmongery hardware. If you have any questions about these or any other products.Please call our know-how hotline on 01305 257996

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    £ 14.95 VAT excl. In Stock

    An Intumescent Letterbox Assembly with a 30 minute fire rating - available in a variety of finishes.


    £ 14.95 VAT excl.
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    £ 2.20 VAT excl. In Stock

    An intumescent hinge plate pack of 6, to suit 3no hinges.


    £ 2.20 VAT excl.
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    £ 12.75 VAT excl. In Stock

    Easy to fit intumescent fire pack to fit with Codelocks mechanical and electronic latch lock products. When fitted they can be installed on 30 or 60 minute fire doors.


    £ 12.75 VAT excl.
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    £ 5.70 VAT excl. In Stock

    A 250mm x 140mm Silver Louvre Vent Face Plate to suit an Intumescent Grille.


    £ 5.70 VAT excl.
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    £ 5.95 VAT excl. In Stock

    This is an intumescent lock jacket to suit Hoppe DIN lock.


    £ 5.95 VAT excl.
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    £ 25.00 VAT excl. In Stock

    Intumescent Plain Fire Seal – 1050mm length.


    £ 25.00 VAT excl.
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    £ 30.00 VAT excl. In Stock

    Intumescent Fire and Smoke Seal (with brush) – 1050mm length.


    £ 30.00 VAT excl.
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    £ 15.40 VAT excl. In Stock

    KABA Intumescent Fire Kits for use with KABA 1000, 5000 and 7100 series digital locks.


    £ 15.40 VAT excl.
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    £ 14.60 VAT excl. In Stock

    An intumescent air transfer grille available in two different sizes. Choose from either 225x112mm or 300x300mm.


    £ 14.60 VAT excl.
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    £ 2.20 VAT excl. In Stock

    Intumescent for use with lever action flush bolts.


    £ 2.20 VAT excl.
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    £ 10.15 VAT excl. In Stock

    A range of intumescent pipe collars, intended to be retro-fitted to trunking and plastic piping, where it passes through fire resistant walls or floors. Choose from the four available sizes: 55mm, 82mm, 110mm and 160mm.


    £ 10.15 VAT excl.
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    £ 3.40 VAT excl. In Stock

    A universal intumescent kit to suit British Standard sashlocks. (Lockcase not included).


    £ 3.40 VAT excl.
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