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Emergency Break Glass

Emergency Break Glass units are also known as emergency call points or emergency door releases. In the event of a fire, they can be linked to a sounder which alerts everyone to the potential danger. When the button is pressed, this mechanically breaks the circuit within the access control system and allows the door to be released until the circuit is repaired using the resettable key. It overrides the Press To Exit button component of the system so that the door remains unlocked to allow the free flow of traffic in the event of an emergency. They are a vital safety component for any access control system where the door is locked using a maglock or electric strike. Residual magnetism can sometimes cause an issue within access control systems, emergency break glass buttons are a secondary safety device that ensures that this is not an issue. 

If you are installing an access control system in a commercial property, it is recommended that you use at least a double pole emergency break glass unit as this breaks both sides of the circuit and not just one like a single pole unit does. Triple pole emergency break glasses allow for additional features to be wired in like sounders. 

We offer a small range of resettable emergency door release units including RGL's "press to exit" green dome and break glass dual unit at competitive rates.

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