The Key Advantages of Using Floor Springs

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Why use a Floor Spring?

There is such a selection of door closers available on the market, and you may wonder why anyone might choose to install floor springs rather than standard door closers. They do; after all, require slightly more expertise and work when it comes to installation.

In this article, we explore some of the key reasons that you might choose a floor spring for your door.


  • They look good because they are not as intrusive as other types of closers such as door holders and overhead door closers. They are embedded within the floor in a cement box and the only part you see is the cover plate that’s usually Stainless Steel but can be available in other finishes depending on the Manufacturer. 
  • Glass Doors – You don’t want to affect the clean simplicity of a glass door with a bulky door closer. You won’t be able to use a closer that can be embedded in the top of the door like the GEZE Boxer or the Door Leaf itself like the Perko-Powermatic, so a good solution here would be to use a floor spring. 

If you don’t mind seeing a door closing device on your glass door, most Manufacturers often have specific fixings and mounting plates for glass doors. Transom Closers in the door frame itself may also be an option.


  • Despite the work involved with initial installation, floor springs have a very shallow installation height and can be used with many kinds of floor structures or flooring types.
  • There are models that suit both internal and external doors. 


  • Floor Springs work with most doors and there are various models that are suitable for single or double action doors. Some single action floor springs are handed, so it is always best to check the handing method before purchasing if you are unsure. 
  • There are models suitable for both interior and exterior use.
  • There are various models that are suitable for single or double action doors. Some single action floor springs are handed so always best to check the handing method or ask your supplier if you are unsure. We stock a range of accessory packs that include all of the straps, top pivot, fixing screws and model specific cover plate for all of our floor springs to ensure that you don’t miss anything when ordering.
  • Floor springs are particularly effective for use with oversized doors – Floor to ceiling height doors are often just too large and heavy for conventional door closers, so a floor spring with straps and a top pivot are a great option.
  • Most good quality models have adjustable closing force, adjustable closing speed and adjustable latching action, so you can make incremental tweaks to suit your door. Not all closers have this handy functionality, so always best to check.
  • Some floor springs are electromagnetic and have a hold-open function which is ideal for use on Fire/Smoke Protection doors that are located in areas of high traffic such as corridors. Simply link it to the fire alarm using a relay or an interface and it will allow the door to close upon activation or power failure to ensure compartmentation.

Never use a mechanical hold-open door closer on a fire door and always check to see whether sufficient intumescent is supplied with your floor spring or other door closer to ensure compliance with Building Regulations. Some floor springs have a 30 minute fire rating but if you need to be able to achieve a 60 minute rating, it might be that you need to purchase additional intumescent.

  • There is space for longitudinal, lateral and vertical adjustment between the housing and the cement case, which enables simple installation.
  • One of the main functions of a floor spring is to assist the opening and closing of particularly heavy doors, even in areas of high wind, where this combination could lead to injury to people or the doors themselves.


  • Floor Springs are available in models to suit most project budgets – starting from about, £100 (mechanism only); they are quite an economic door closing solution. 

  • If your premises require that you have door closers, and you would prefer concealed ones, then floor springs have the edge over conventional versions because they are well suited to pretty much any situation; they are great for full-height or heavier doors, work equally well with single or double-leaf and, best of all - they automatically combine functionality with aesthetic appeal.

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