How Electronic Access Control Is Surpassing Traditional Key Entry

Posted on: 01.10.2020
Electronic access control proximity reader and card

With the need for greater security for buildings; access control has become an increasingly popular choice across a variety of market sectors. The convenience of fob, card, biometric and keypad entry is slowly but surely replacing the use of traditional keys. This blog looks at several reasons why Access Control is a good choice for you and your business.

1) Duplication of electronic fobs or cards is difficult.

Traditional keys are fairly easy to copy but copying the electronic data held on a key fob or card is a lot more technical and harder to do.

2) Security is easily managed if fobs or cards are lost.

If a key fob or card is ever lost or stolen, it can easily be wiped off the electronic system and be rendered useless. With a traditional key, there is always the chance of it being misplaced and the only solution to maintain a good level of security is to change the locks on a door and the keys of others that need access to that area.

3) Access can be controlled by programming

One of the great things about electronic access control is the ability to customise access to suit individuals. This means that cards and fobs can be programmed to allow access to specific areas and some can even allow access for set durations of time, depending on how sophisticated the system is.

4) Control of Contractors

With the ability to allow access for specified time periods and areas, comes the ability to have more control of the security of a building when it comes to allowing access for outside contractors. This can be done on a door by door basis or provide access to zones.

5) Electronic History logging

Electronic Access Control allows the operator to monitor the use of each door. The audit trail for a door activity data can be downloaded and analysed, particularly useful in determining which user’s fob or card had access to a room at a specific time.

6) Remote Access Control

Programming can also be carried out remotely using software. Some digital locks now come with software that can allow access through a door by a generated pin code sent to a mobile. Ideal for use on holiday homes where the code can be changed remotely whenever one party leaves and still allow access for cleaners.

7) Long-term Economic Solution

Although it can be a little expensive to set up initially, having an electronic access control system will work out cheaper for a building in the long-term. The cost of replacement cards and fobs is far more economic than the price of a replacement key, not to mention a replacement lock should security be jeopardised. With an electronic system, you will never have to replace a lock on the door and a lot of manufacturers now offer lifetime guarantees on their products.

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