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Rim Night Latches

Night latches are usually located on front, inward opening timber doors and incorporate a rim cylinder that can be used with a cylinder pull, for unlocking from the outside. They automatically lock when the door is closed and have a snib or button function that can hold the latch back for easy access or deadlock it for added security. Deadlocking versions are also available (without the snib). They are also commonly known as rim locks or Yale locks.

Many domestic homes use night latches in addition to a mortice latch with door lever handle furniture to help prevent burglaries and maintain security. Night latches that have the BS3621 kite mark, are approved by most insurance companies but as with all ironmongery, standards of security differ from product to product. 

If you were to use a basic night latch that does not confirm to British Standard BS3621, then it is essential, that you use a deadlock that does conform to this standard in conjunction with it. This standard is usually required for domestic properties. 

For commercial premises and buildings with multiple occupants (like care homes and student accommodation), night latches and other locks should meet British Standard BS8621. This standard of lock is for emergency exits when in the event of an emergency, keys are not required in order to escape from the building in a hurry. This functionality is essential in fire safety. This is not the same standard required for panic hardware like push pads and push bars 

Night latches also have backsets and this needs to be confirmed when choosing your rim lock. The most common standard backset is usually 60mm and this is the distance from the centre of the keyhole to the edge of the lockcase. 

Every building is different and has different requirements so if you are in any doubt about what door hardware you require, please contact us.

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