DORMA TS83 BC DC EN 2 - 5 Door Closer Silver

DORMA TS83 BC DC EN 2 - 5 Door Closer Silver

The DORMA TS83 BC DC is a heavy duty, non-handed, rack and pinion door closer that can be adjusted to suit almost any type of door. It is CE Marked is a fully adjustable variable power size 2-5 with latching action, backcheck & delayed action.

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The DORMA TS83 BC DC easy action door closer can be adjusted to suit almost any type of door. It is CE Marked and Certifire Approved CF 118. The closing force to EN1154 is a fully adjustable variable power size 2-5 and comes with closing speed, latching action, backcheck & delayed action as standard.

• Variable Power Size EN 2-5 – Heavy Duty Door Closer
• Max door weight 100kg - Max door width 1250mm
• Universal Fixing – Pull & Push Side Standard Mount and Push Side Transom Mount.
• Complete with Backcheck - prevents damage to door
• Certified to ISO 9001
• Comes with Delayed Action – Door holds momentarily when opened before closing.
• Easy to Adjust – Closing Speed, Delayed Action
• Just one model for left and right hand doors, and for door and frame / lintel fixing
• Optimum wall and door protection thanks to "thinking" backcheck
• Closing speed virtually unaffected by temperature fluctuations
• Relatively low opening resistance thanks to high mechanical efficiency
• Fully certified to EN1154, EN1634, CE Marked
• Ideal for fire doors that don’t need to hold open.


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