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As an innovative designer and manufacturer of locks, Codelocks develop everything from stylish and robust mechanical locks to cutting-edge electronic and smart locks, which use the latest technologies. Codelocks, locks are used for a variety of applications including cabinets, locks, doors and enclosures Access control is made east, if there is a limited access to selected staff members or securing confidential or hazardous materials.

At the heart of Codelocks' products is convenience. Their products are designed to be user-friendly and give building and facility managers complete control over their access and egress details. Locks are cost-effective, programmable and easy to fit, they don't require complex wiring, external power and can be retrofitted. Programming options can include an audit trail code tracking, code-free mode, remote code generation and a variety of custom functions designed with the consumer in mind. 

Codelocks offer an extensive range of mechanical and electronic locks that are simultaneously robust and stylish. They manufacture a variety of locks to suit a plethora of applications including pedestrian doors, cabinets and lockers. Codelocks are one of the most recognised brands for mechanical digital door locks, offering solutions for aluminium and glass doors, as well as standard timber door locking applications. Codelock locker locks are ideal for sports facilities and work changing places as there is no need for coinage to be used. The Codelock range of products are easily operated with a variety of functions including holdback facility and key override.

List of Products by Codelocks

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    £ 164.45 VAT excl. In Stock

    The CL610 and CL615 are heavy duty, mechanical push button code locks with tubular mortice latches for use in a variety of commercial and domestic applications.


    £ 164.45 VAT excl.
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    £ 28.50 VAT excl. In Stock

    The CL155 is an entry level mechanical push button digital lock providing a comprehensive range of functions for light duty entry control. It is easy to fit and has a hold back button.


    £ 28.50 VAT excl.
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    £ 77.50 VAT excl. In Stock

    The CL2255 is a low to medium duty electronic lock providing simple, effective access control. The CL2000 has been designed to be easily fitted as a new install or as a rapid retrofit when upgrading from basic single code mechanical digital locks.


    £ 77.50 VAT excl.
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    £ 58.75 VAT excl. In Stock

    The CL255 is a light duty mechanical code lock with mortice latch and hold back facility.


    £ 58.75 VAT excl.
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    £ 79.20 VAT excl. In Stock

    The CL410 is a medium duty tubular mortice latch, mechanical code lock for use in a variety of commercial and domestic applications. The CL415 is the code-free version of this digital lock.


    £ 79.20 VAT excl.
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    £ 82.50 VAT excl. In Stock

    The CL500PK and CL505PK heavy duty panic access kits include a mechanical code lock with coded front and an extra-long spindle to work with most single point panic pads.


    £ 82.50 VAT excl.
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    £ 184.80 VAT excl. In Stock

    The CL5010 is a heavy duty electronic tubular mortice latch code lock, with full size lever handles for use in high traffic applications.


    £ 184.80 VAT excl.
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    £ 103.70 VAT excl. In Stock

    The CL510 and CL515 are heavy duty, mechanical push button code locks with tubular mortice latches for use in a variety of commercial and domestic applications. 


    £ 103.70 VAT excl.
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    £ 10.80 VAT excl. In Stock

    Easy to fit Intumescent Fire pack to fit with Codelocks Mechanical and Electronic Latch Lock Products. When fitted they can be installed on 30 or 60 minute fire doors.


    £ 10.80 VAT excl.
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    £ 32.80 VAT excl. In Stock

    The KL1000 is an electronic cabinet lock that is easily programmed and can be retro-fitted.


    £ 32.80 VAT excl.
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