A Complete Guide To Pocket Sliding Doors

Posted on: 29.09.2021 Posted by: Door Controls Direct

Pocket doors in domestic settings have increased in popularity in recent years and there are now many brands on the market, so how do you make sure you are buying the right product, or that you are able to install a pocket door in the first instance?

In this blog we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions to provide you with a complete guide to sliding door gear. We’ve compiled this quick Q and A so you can make sure you are on the right track with pocket sliding doors.

Can any door be used as a pocket door?

If the overall dimensions of the door are correct - height, width, and thickness, then any door could be used with pocket door gear. If it is an existing door, ensure that it doesn’t have any cut outs for hinges and handles, as most internals doors are side hung, swing doors. If you cannot use an existing door then check that a new door blank fits the criteria you need; is it a single or double pocket door system?, is it fire rated?, and of course, check the size and thickness. Pocket door gear will also have a maximum weight limit that it will accommodate so make sure the new or existing door weight is under the upper weight limit, including any operating furniture such as flush pull handles.

Do pocket doors require thicker walls?

The wall thickness required will depend on the brand of pocket door gear and the door blank being used. As a pocket or cassette needs to be inserted into the wall to accommodate the door, make sure to check the product specification details. As an example, the Scrigno pocket door gear requires 125mm for the finished wall and 70mm internal space for both their standard single and double door kits. Typical pocket door thicknesses are from 35mm to 44mm.

Can you fit a pocket door onto an existing wall?

Yes, if the wall is of the correct construction and thickness to accommodate the pocket sliding door gear and the door itself. Check individual manufacturers data sheets and technical information for the specific details. There may be some requirement to move pipework or electrics so ideally a pocket door would be situated in an area without these obstacles. If the wall is load bearing then a replacement lintel may be required, depending on the width of the door opening plus the width required for the pocket.

What is the best pocket door kit? 

Applications for pocket doors vary but in a domestic setting or office, the Scrigno range is the perfect space saving choice, maximising the useable space in a room, whilst being discreet and often enhancing the aesthetics of a room.

To operate the pocket doors, a flush pull set can be installed, which includes two circular flush pulls for morticing into the face of the door and a discreet finger pull for the door edge.

There are a variety of flush pull handles available, which can be used on sliding doors as well as pocket doors, so that the design and finish of ironmongery can match across a variety of door types.

Are pocket doors good for bathrooms?

Pocket doors can be used in any internal doorway, from one space to another such as a hallway to a bathroom, or from one room into a closet or storage space. As bath and shower rooms tend to be the smaller rooms of a house, installing a pocket door would be a welcome space saving solution.  Installing locking sliding doors between an en-suite and bedroom also provides a seamless, barrier free walkway and inclusive appearance. This sliding pocket door lock set is ideal for installation on a bathroom sliding pocket door.

Is it difficult to install a pocket door?

The installation of pocket doors is certainly more involved than installing a standard side hung hinged door but if you choose the Scrigno pocket door kits, there are only 5 simple steps to follow. The kits are supplied with a pre-assembled pocket, with endpost, cassette edge covers, crosspieces plus door brushes and seals so they are quick and easy to install. 

What information is required to order one?

If using the Scrigno pocket door range of products then a key detail is knowing what door blank size you intend to use, in either metric or imperial measurements. As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll also need to double check that the door thickness and door leaf weight are within the required range of the kit you have selected. You will also need to select a pocket door kit to suit a single or double door and whether you want to have white or unfinished jambs. 

In addition to the sliding pocket door gear itself, there are options for add on accessories such as a slow damper unit or a double door simultaneous operator.

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