Are Cylinder Locks Secure? 3 Star Euro Cylinders

Posted on: 17.11.2022
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3 star cylinder Iseo F6 range euro profile

Cylinder locks are available in different profiles - euro, oval, rim, and Scandinavian, with different security levels. These can then be fitted with a wide range of different lockcases – mortice sashlocks, deadlocks, escape locks, multipoint locks, rim locks, and even used as a core in a padlock body.

There are various security standards, accreditation schemes, rating systems, and building regulations that can apply to door locks in domestic dwellings and commercial premises. Here we’ll focus on TS007 which is a security standard developed by the Door Hardware Federation (DHF), the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), and Secured By Design (SBD). 

This blog addresses some of the most commonly asked questions about cylinder security. When specifying and installing, you should always check the specific requirements that your property may need to comply with in order to achieve the rating for PAS24:2022, Building Regulations Part Q, or Secured By Design. 

External door security is of the utmost importance for many of our FM and housing customers who oversee multiple sites, many of which are not managed and monitored properties covered by an alarm system, CCTV, or physical security patrols. The questions we’ve answered focus on 3 star cylinders but if you have any other questions, watch out for our Toolbox Talk series on our social channels where we answer many other FAQs.

Are cylinder locks secure?

Cylinder security isn’t always about the number of pins, whether it’s 5 pin, 6 pin, or even 10 pin. There are various tests, assessments, and auditing that cylinder barrels can go through to determine what level of security they can provide. All will offer some level of security but basic 5 pin open profile ranges will have less to offer than restricted profile maximum security 6 pin cylinders. 

Check what standards need to be met on your premises before deciding which cylinder platform to use. At Door Controls Direct we are always looking to provide the right product for the right application. You can see some of our stock range of cylinders online and read about security keys in our recent Q&A with our in-house MLA master locksmith.

Why 3 star cylinder locks?

3 star cylinder locks are the most secure rating of cylinder, meeting the requirements of PAS 24, TS007, and Building Regulations Part Q. They are BSI Kitemarked, a mark of durability, safety, and security. They have passed various brute force and manipulation tests and have a high minimum classification under EN 1303: 2015.

TS007 and Approved Document Q were bought in to ensure minimum standards of security for dwellings, and to protect entrance doors from opportunistic burglars. With the rise of online video tutorials and examples of illegal ways of gaining entry, fitting 3 star euro cylinder locks protects against the most up-to-date methods of attack and manipulation.

Below is our informational 3D video of the Sold Secure Diamond standard ISEO F6 Extra S3 3 star BSI Kitemarked euro profile cylinders, which are also Secured By Design approved. In the video we explain the main security features of the range which includes a 3 star euro cylinder thumbturn as well as a double cylinder. They’re anti-drill, anti-bump, anti-twist, anti-screw, anti-pick, and have anti-snap security.

Do you need high-security handles with high-security cylinders?

To achieve the 3 star rating, a 1 star cylinder needs to be fitted with 2 star security levers or escutcheons. If you’re using a TS007 2014 3 star cylinder then there is the flexibility to choose from a wide range of door handles and escutcheons as they don’t need to have a TS007 rating. 

As a developer on a prestige project, you could consider installing 3 star cylinders with 2 star furniture for additional security.

1 star vs 3 star cylinders – what’s the difference?

Both comply to the enhanced security standards of TS007:2014, with the star rating denoting their level of performance in the tests. TS007 3 star cylinders offer additional anti-snap protection compared to 1 star cylinders.

There is also a cost difference between the two security levels so consider the combined costs of a 3 star cylinder with door handles and escutcheons versus a 1 star cylinder used with 2 star rated door handles and escutcheons to achieve an overall 3 star rating.

What are the best 3 star euro cylinders?

All 3 star cylinders will have achieved the same level of security rating under TS007, so there is not one brand or range that is more secure than another. Some ranges may have a wider selection of sizes or finishes or have a shorter delivery time for your project. They could supply master keyed or keyed alike cylinders, and additional keys where required.

We cannot say that there is a good/better/best cylinder but there may be one that is a better fit for your facility. All would keep external doors safe and secure, offering effective protection from many forms of attack.

You can purchase both 1 star and 3 star cylinders from our website 24/7 plus we can order in other platforms and brands as special orders. We partner with well known brands such as Access2, who can provide 3 star cylinders under master key, in their Colourmatch range of finishes, that also have a patented key. This is the perfect solution for high-end or one-off new build residential properties where matching the finish of other door hardware and the overall aesthetics are as important as the physical security.

Contact our technical sales team for more information on 01305 263300 or email us at [email protected]

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