DORMA BTS75V Floor Spring - Mechanism Only

DORMA BTS75V Floor Spring - Mechanism Only

The DORMA BTS75V is a size EN1-4 Floorspring with backcheck. It is CE Marked, available in single or double action and is not handed.

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The BTS75V floor spring is an ideal closing solution for a door where a larger closer would be unsuitable. The floor spring may be installed in a thin slab concrete subfloor application.

There are a few models of this floor spring available that are designed to cater for a range of functions including non-hold open (for fire door applications), 90 degree hold open and 105 degree hold open (not suitable for fire doors).

There are a variety of interchangeable spindles that add to the versatility of the BTS75V. The variable power size can be adjusted to suit the door which is a great feature to ensure that it’s a perfect fit with your requirements.

The unit is universal/non-handed for pull or push side mounting and has adjustable closing and latch speed and comes complete with backcheck which helps prevent damage to the door and walls.

• Variable Power Size EN 1-4 c/w backcheck
• Max door weight 120kg - Max door width 1100mm
• Fully certified to EN1154, EN1634, CE Marked
• Adjustable Closing Sweep Speed - 170-15° & 15-0°
• Available single or double action (accessories sold separately)

• Non-Hold Open - for fire doors
• 90 degree & 105 degree hold open - for non-fire doors only

• Cover plate sold separately

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