Briton 1120B EN 2 - 4 Door Closer Silver

Briton 1120B EN 2 - 4 Door Closer Silver

The Briton 1120B is a low to medium duty, adjustable power size 2-4. door closer and backcheck. This closer is suitable for universal door applications and has a silver finish.

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The Briton 1120B is a fully adjustable power size 2-4 door closer, which is CE Marked, Certifire Approved CF388 and is suitable for fire door applications. It has all the characteristics of performance, durability, functionality and quality that is expected from a Briton door control. All-over cover option to conceal all fixings and adjustment screws providing a neat appearance and reducing the risk of vandalism and tampering.

Product features

  • Available with snap joint arm for quick and easy installation and future maintenance
  • High quality hydraulic fluid for optimum performance and long life with temperature compensation from - 15°C to +40°C
  • Precision needle roller bearings allied with rack and pinion mechanism provides efficient operation and high levels of durability

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