Arrow 325VP Silver

ARROW 325VP Size 2 - 5 Door Closer

The Arrow 325VP is a size 2-5 heavy duty door closer with adjustable backcheck. It also features adjustable individual controls for power, door speed and latching action. It is supplied complete with adjustable arms and necessary brackets and screw packs. 

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£ 47.94 VAT incl.

ARROW 325VP Size 2 - 5 Door Closer

The Arrow 325VP Size 2-5 door closer complete with back-check has been designed to incorporate maximum power, durability and efficiency combined with the high-quality finish required in today's market.

Featuring adjustable individual controls for power, door speed, latching action and backcheck, as well as a ten-year guarantee.

To adjust the power of the 325VP Door closer, size 2-5 simply insert the Allen key at the end of the closer body and adjust accordingly.

325VP closers are supplied complete with adjustable arms and necessary brackets and screw packs.


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