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Mortice Locks & Latches

Mortice Sashlocks or lever locks as they are also known, are made up of a lock, latch and handle mechanism. They are used when a handle and key are needed to open a door. When the door shuts, you can rest assured that the door will not lock behind you unless you use a key to lock it. There are many different models of sashlock and they offer various levels of security. 

Deadlocks are quite similar to sashlocks but they do not have a latch. The bolt is thrown using a key to lock and unlock the door. 

Bathroom locks have been specially designed to allow the integration of a spindle of a turn and release or indicator. 

Insurance rated locks conform to British Standard BS 3621 and are 5 Lever. The more levers in a lock, the harder it is for would be thieves to be able to pick the lock.  We supply a range of sashlocks and deadlocks including 5 Lever, 3 Lever, DIN Standard, Cylinder Lockcase and Scandinavian. British Standard BS3621 approved locks have all been tested vigorously against all methods of attack by would be intruders.

If you are morticing any lock or latch into a fire door, be sure to use intumescent materials with the correct fire rating. You will also need to be careful that you do not compromise the integrity of the door either as this can adversely affect its effectiveness in the event of a fire. For these applications, you will need to ensure that your lock is CE marked to BS EN 12209.

Fire exit doors are different to fire doors and will require quick exit from the inside. Escape locks are to be used for such purposes as a key will be required to open the door from the outside but free egress is ensured from the inside. Health and safety of individuals is of the utmost importance and it is recommended that risk assessments are carried out when deciding upon your locking mechanism if safety and security are at odds with each other. 

We also supply a variety of latches to be used on internal doors and to be used in conjunction with other ironmongery such as knob and lever furniture as well as catches for cupboard doors and loft hatches. 

If you have any specific requirements for your lock, please do not hesitate to give us a call and we will be happy to assist you. 

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