Hospitals and surgeries require ironmongery and door hardware that is not only robust and exceptionally good value but also user friendly. Our Electromagnetic hold open door closers, Automatic openers, electric locking and cam action door closers are the ideal choices for this environment. Our range has been carefully selected to meet the needs of staff, patients and visitors and to provide fire safety and general security where you need it.

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    £ 406.50 VAT excl. In Stock

    The GEZE TS550E Power Size EN 3-6 Floor spring for interior single and double action doors up to 1400mm wide comes with flat-tapered spindle, adjustable closing force, adjustable closing speed,adjustable latch action, electromagnetic hold-open and galvanised steel concrete box. Mechanism only.


    £ 406.50 VAT excl.
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    £ 41.50 VAT excl. In Stock

    The Briton 1413E/LE is a non-handed, lever operated outside access device in a silver finish. It is compatible with other Briton exit hardware and is supplied with a euro profile cylinder.


    £ 41.50 VAT excl.
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    £ 45.90 VAT excl. In Stock

    The Briton 376 Vertical Panic Bolt has a silver finish and is suitable for left and right handed doors.


    £ 45.90 VAT excl.
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    £ 12.10 VAT excl. In Stock

    RGL narrow style green dome momentary press to exit button for surface or flush mounting.


    £ 12.10 VAT excl.
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    £ 32.50 VAT excl. In Stock

    RGL large all active Disabled “Push To Open” button with stainless steel backbox.


    £ 32.50 VAT excl.
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    £ 6.90 VAT excl. In Stock

    The ARRONE AR8580 is a fully concealed, maintenance free, low friction hinge. It is Grade 13, manufactured from Grade 304 satin stainless steel and measures 102mm x 76mm. This hinge is fire-rated and suitable for a maximum adjusted door weight up to 120kg.


    £ 6.90 VAT excl.
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    £ 323.80 VAT excl. In Stock

    The Alpro DB25 deadlocking bolt is high security and operates at 12/24V DC. This Ultra-slim design enables fixing into very narrow sections whilst an advanced microprocessor module provides power reduction allowing for continuous operation without heat generation as well as automatic voltage regulation, dual monitoring and access control module.


    £ 323.80 VAT excl.
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    £ 161.50 VAT excl. In Stock

    The Alpro EMS1200M High Security Compact Magnet Shearlock operates at 12/24V. It is monitored and maintains a holding force of 1200kg. Other benefits include built in PCB controller with switch selectable features and plug in 3 metre flying leads. It is suitable for single and double action doors and horizontal mounting only.


    £ 161.50 VAT excl.
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    £ 55.00 VAT excl. In Stock

    The RGL 12V DC Maglock Access Control Standalone Starter Kit for a Single Door. 


    £ 55.00 VAT excl.
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    £ 4.30 VAT excl. In Stock

    The ARRONE AR8018 is a heavy duty tubular mortice bathroom deadbolt for use with bathroom WC indicator & turns with a 5mm spindle. Supplied with satin chrome and polished brass forends and keeps. 


    £ 4.30 VAT excl.
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    £ 1.65 VAT excl. In Stock

    A 75mm diameter Fire Door Keep Shut Sign in various finishes.


    £ 1.65 VAT excl.
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    £ 1.65 VAT excl. In Stock

    A 75mm diameter Fire Door Keep Locked Sign in a choice of finish.


    £ 1.65 VAT excl.
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