The World’s Safest and Unsafest Countries

We often consider the safety of our streets, towns and neighbourhoods, but have you ever wondered how safe your entire country is?

Using World Economic Forum data we have mapped 141 countries to reveal just how safe they are. The safety ranking is based on the levels of the costliness of common crime and violence, as well as acts of terrorism and how reliable the police services are in any given country. Take a look at the map below to see how safe your country is compared to others around the world.

Level of safety and security risk per country.

2.1 - 3
3.1 - 4
4.1 - 5
5.1 - 6
6.1 - 7
  • Top 10 safest countries
  • Top 10 unsafest countries
(Click on the countries below to see the safety rating.)

Half of the places on the top 10 safest countries in the world are found in Europe. Central America and Asia are home to 6 of the countries who made the bottom of the list; the most unsafe countries in the world.

How safe is your country?

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