DORMA BTS80EMB EN4 Electromagnetic Hold Open Floor Spring - Mechanism Only

DORMA BTS80EMB EN4 Electromagnetic Hold Open Floor Spring - Mechanism Only

The DORMA BTS80EMB Floorspring has electrohydraulic hold-open and integral pressure compensation feature for multipoint hold open between 65° and 175°. With adjustable, hydraulically controlled closing speed, adjustable latching action and backcheck.

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£ 402.90 VAT excl.

£ 483.48 VAT incl.

The Dorma BTS80EMB Floorspring comes with electrohydraulic hold-open and integral pressure compensation for holding open at multiple points between 65° and 175°. The unit is supplied with adjustable, fully controlled hydraulic closing speed, adjustable latching action, backcheck and a cement box as standard.

The BTS80 EMB series are floor-concealed door closers that provide an electromagnetic hydraulic hold open feature which allows doors to self-close upon the interruption of electrical current. In the event of a fire alarm activation or a power failure, the BTS 80EMB will close the doors and then act as a standard floorspring, until the alarm is reset or power is restored. The BTS80 EMB includes a selective type hold open with an approximate range of 65° to 175°.

Dorma’s BTS80 EMB is an ideal solution for a situation where an overhead door closer cannot be fitted to a fire door that needs to be held open legally. The hold open feature is electrically controlled by a fire alarm contact, so it will close in the event of an activation and help prevent the spread of smoke and fire.

• 24V DC 95mA nominal Operating Voltage
• Max Door Weight 300kg - Max Door Width 1100mm
• Designed & Fully Compliant to EN1154 & EN1155
• CE Marked
• Hold Open operation
• CERTIFIRE Approved CF127
• Concealed installation
• Multipoint hold open
• Mechanical backcheck
• Suitable for Single and Double Action Doors

• Cover Plate & Accessory Packs Sold Separately

Voltage24V DC

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